Is Harbhajan Mann Starrer Gadaar Trailer Copied from Tollywood ?

Newly launched trailer of Harbhajan Mann Punjabi Movie Gadaar launched some days back where releasing date of the movie has been postponed to 23rd of April 2015 to 29th of April. The reason behind the changing of dates is IPL matches.On, the other hand trailer of the movie are fetching huge response from all around the world but if you are Tollywood movies lover then it’s clear that trailer of the movie Gadaar is copied from movie named “JILLA” (Tollywood Movie) even background music and Graphics were copied. Yes, Readers, Jilla Tollywood movie was the biggest hit in the industry & played by superstars Vijay and Mohanlal.

Overall Trailer of the Gaddar Movie is quite cool and must watching. Editing and Video quality of the movie are implemented in highly effective manner. It can be seen from the trailer that movie makers tried hard to give Hollywood look in the movie. Harbhajan Mann is playing Richest Indian character in the movie which has deep history of problems where in the movie there are very less role of women actress, and it’s cleared from the trailer public will not have an opportunity to watch any romantic scenes. So, folks let’s see will Gaddar break the box office records or not?. Please leave the comments and let us know what do you think about this movie.

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