India got talent Shubreet Kaur got sad while watching Raipur Mela

By Harpreet Singh | February 2, 2015

India’s got talent runner up Shubpreet Kaur passion always keep her to succeed well in life whereas she said that if an individual have talent to achieve something in life can able to do and make his/her dream fulfill, For this she is now at top who made her dream in reality.Yes ! guys, Sangroor girl Shubhpreet Kaur was there in Kila Raipur for the promotion of India got talent and in 2009 she met with an accident and after that her right leg disappeared completely. However, she compete with others and prove herself at international level and made impossible things possible.

Shubhreet Kaur Ghuman

Shubhreet Kaur Ghuman

Speaking with Punjabi Pollywood team she explained about her interest in games of Kila raipur which shubpreet kaur heard from so many years and she enjoyed watching buffalo race but unfortunately this event got disappeared and she left games with sadness.

For your information We would like to let you know that soon she is coming with movie “Needhi singh” and the movie is totally female oriented .

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