Ik Sandhu Hunda Si Review : Weekend Treat, High on Entertainment!

By Sonia Khanna | February 29, 2020

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The wait is over as Ik Sandhu Hunda Si has hit the big screen! The Punjabi movie follows the formal mix of romance, action, comedy, and student politics. As the story begins, it unfolds distinctive sides of a society, and eventually emerges with something unexpected. The pleasing saga, it portrays both the significance of love and friendship.

ik sandhu hunda si review

Story Scan

The story revolves around Rajveer Sandhu (Gippy Grewal) who is an audacious college student. Furthermore, he falls in love with Simran (Neha Sharma), who belongs to the political family. Sandhu loves his friends Gill (Roshan Prince) and Grewal (Dheeraj Kumar) as much as he adores Simran. The war erupts between Rajveer and Simran’s brothers when the latter got to know about their love angle. The further story unravels the thrill that what Simran decides in view to support Sandhu or his family. In addition, how Sandhu’s friends extend him a support.

Performance Pitch

Gippy Grewal is the cynosure of the movie. He is now successfully reckoned as the charm of quality cinema. Be it any genre, the superstar gives nothing but the best. He gets into the skin of the character, making it more memorable. As Rajveer Sandhu, he nailed every moment. His actions are the movie’s highlights. Neha Sharma, serves as the bonanza for the flick. She leaves no stone unturned to match her performance with Gippy. She stands tall and firm with conviction. We are excited to watch her more in Punjabi film industry. Roshan Prince and Dheeraj Kumar play their roles with utmost dedication and are tagged as top-notch. Pavan Malhotra performs quite well as a stringent politician.

ik sandhu hunda si movie review

Music & Presentation

The music is a little lackluster as it turns out average and makes you want something compelling and worth-remembering. There is no one track that you look forward to take back home after the film ends. The screenplay is entrancing that keeps you hooked. It does complete justice to the genre. Powerful dialogues further adds volume to its fascination. Director Rakesh Mehta along with writers Jass Grewal and Prince Kanwaljit Singh make it a must-watch movie. The action director Sham Kaushal and music director Amar Mohile also makes the substantial contribution the success.

Vital Verdict

All in all, it is a complete package which is high on entertainment. It doesn’t make you feel uneasy with extravagant turmoil and action. Thus, it is a perfect weekend treat! You can book your tickets without any doubts or dilemmas.

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