Harjeeta Movie Review – A true story which entertains as well as boost up the hockey fever

By Harpreet Singh | May 18, 2018

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A latest biopic in a very short time named ‘Harjeeta’ by the popular singer-actor Ammy Virk hit cinemas this Friday. As we all know this movie is very much closer to the winner of HJWC 2016 Harjeet Singh Tulli’s victory. So here is the full review of this movie to know much about it.



This is the most awaited movie for the audiences. The aim of this biopic is to present the real story of Harjeet Singh Tulli. Under his captaincy India won the Junior Hockey World Cup in 2016. In this movie, his family is struggling with the biggest problem that is poverty like so many families in India. He fought all the odds moreover Singh made possible to won the trophy after so many years. From the childhood, he had the hockey love in his heart but her mother scolded him. But by hook and crook he moved to his passion. Harjeeta is a real hero and his story is an inspiration to the next generation of hockey players.


The star cast of Harjeeta movie acted very well in the movie. Ammy Virk played the lead role of Harjeet Singh Tulli, without any doubt we can say ammy virk totally changed his appearance for this movie. Sawan Rupowali female actor in the movie, who has also starred in many Punjabi movies. Other star cast included Pankaj Tripathi, Raj Jhinjer, Parkash Gadhu, Jarnail Singh, Sameep Singh and Sukhi Chahal acted in the movie.


Vijay Kumar Arora directed this movie with the good direction. All the characters are totally justified in their roles from kids to older ones. Ammy Virk bears the resemblance To Harjeet Singh Tulli.The locations used for houses, schools and other places in villages feels realistic in the movie. Which thing creates interest in audiences. The background of Tournament playground also seems the actual location where Harjeet Singh used to play in his time. Vijay Kumar Arora gave his best to put reality in the movie.


‘Dekhi Chal’ title song of the movie which is very motivational for the audiences. The lyrics are written by Kaptaan whereas Daler Mehndi has sung this song. Being the title track of a biopic, this song creates enthusiasam in Indians. Songs such as ‘Chann Di Chawaani’and ‘Kina Pyaar’ recreates romance in a very way in the movie. In the first song ‘kina pyaar’ Sawan was expressing her feeling for Ammy virk and in the second song ‘Chann Di Chawani’ both seem to be head over heel for one another. The female singer is Mannat Noor who added much sweetness in the songs and male singer is Ammy Virk. Songs are written by Harmanjeet, Kaptaan and Maninder Kailey.

Reasons to Watch

Because this is a biopic, we all want to know about personal, love and professional life of Harjeet Singh Tulli. Because he became a professional in a very young age. This is the insipirational movie for the audiences and boosts the unconditional love for sports. This movie is the mixture of entertainment, information and love for hockey. So we all should go to watch the movie.

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