Gelo will took 21st century girl in to the burning issue of Punjab ‘Agriculture’

By Punjabi Pollywood Team | August 5, 2016

Punjabi cinema has grown up to a standardized level now. Every month Number of productions has now increased to a good count. As we know cinema is the mirror image of the society as it highlights the current issues from a region by putting them on screen. So Punjabi cinema is also touching various issues of the state likewise NRI issues, 84 genocide, struggle of young generation, condition of females in the state or land/agriculture. If we put a light on the newspapers in Punjab, then everyone would feel down by reading about the farming suicides, debt of farmers etc. All this makes the man conscious about to think over the darker future of agriculture in the state.

All this makes the faming or land issues prior for the movie makers as well, many movies in Punjab put this issue on screen by explaining its various problems and expects. Upcoming Punjabi movie ‘Gelo’ is also one of them, as it will also going to explain the problems of land or agriculture in the Malwa region of Punjab, but the special and interesting part of this movie is it is going to involve 21st century girl cast Jaspinder Cheema in to this burning issue of land or agriculture.

Punjabi cinema also witnessed the adorable work by female actresses on this issue in late 80’s or 90’s but this movie is going to do so for a young girl from 21st century. High energy, confidence and desi look of Jaspinder helps a lot to present well, but even more interestingly the strong script and beautiful direction makes it more valuable. So one will miss this grand show from the roots of Punjab full of pains. Also the movie seems to have incomplete love story of Jaspinder, which will be a challenge for the script as the audience will get a combination of sad, romantic and a social drama in the movie Gelo.

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