Fuffad Ji Box Office Collection: It’s a Thumbs Down!

By Punjabi Pollywood Team | November 18, 2021

Punjabi movie Fuffad Ji has hit the silver screen recently. Furthermore, the cast involves popular actors like Binnu Dhillon, Gurnam Bhullar, Jasmin Bajwa, Hobby Dhaliwal, and others. Also, Bambukat fame Pankaj Batra serves as its director. With such strong names associated with it, read on to know the Fuffad Ji box office collection.

fuffad ji box office collection punjabi movie box office

Released on 11th November 2021, the Fuffad Ji certainly failed to meet the expectations raised after the drop of its trailer and wide-area promotions. Talking about the story, it is a family drama that shows a spat between two brothers-in-law – Arjan (Binnu) and Chann (Gurnam Bhullar). Arjan is a dictator and expects everyone to respect him more than Chann, who is the new member of the family. The difference between respect & love leads to quarrels between the two.

Raju Verma serves as the writer and Daoud Music takes up the charge for the sound department. Quite predictable, the story lacks both punch and spark. It miserably fails to attract any viewership as compared to Gippy’s Paani Ch Madhaani (which is still going strong in cinemas).

As per the film’s makers, the movie collected (during the first weekend) 85.7 Lacs. in Canada, followed by the US with 28.67 Lacs, the UK 23.24 Lacs, Australia 22.25 Lacs, and lastly, New Zealand with 3.56 Lacs ONLY. So, that’s quite a turn-off box-office performance by Fuffad Ji.

Also, kindly note that box office collection amounts are mentioned after well-researching online and offline data. Thus, it doesn’t imply any lawful proceedings.

Fuffad Ji Box Office (First Weekend)

  • Canada – 85.7 Lakh
  • USA – 28.67 Lakh
  • UK – 23.24 Lakh
  • Australia – 22.25 Lakh
  • New Zealand – 3.56 Lakh

Fuffad Ji Box Office (Second Weekend)

  • Canada – 1.62Cr
  • USA – 57.58 Lakh
  • UK – 41.36 Lakh
  • Australia – 45.7 Lakh
  • New Zealand – 4.29 Lakh

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