Express your love with the music of Jindua


Hit jodi of Punjabi cinema, Jimmy Sheirgill and Neer Bajwa is once again back with their best in Jindua. And the very talented Sargun Mehta has also joined the duo for the same. But actors are the one factor to make the movie a blockbuster. Another important factor is the music, that always create curiousity among the audience. Music has always been defined as the soul of the movie because it captures all the emotions, be it celebration or anger, happiness or sadness, music is the best way to express it all.

The music of Jindua is also that kinf of music that captures all the emotions in just 3 hours. From traditional Punjabi folk song to peppy dancing number, Jindua offers it all in one movie.

First song of Jindua has been titled as ‘Chal Jindua’ is a traditional Punjabi folk song that has been mixed with western music. The song has been picturised on the trio on the beautiful location of Canada. Chal Jindua has been sung by Ranjit Bawa, Jasmine Sandlas and Akasa Singh. Whereas the lyrics of the song has been pen down by Babu Songh Maan.

Another song of Jindua has been named as ‘Beauty parlor’ that gives a colorful feel when you see its video. As it has been voiced by Neha Kakkar and Ikka, it is expected that it will be a peppy and masala number of the movie. It has been written by Ikka.

‘Dholna’is one song of Jindua that will give you goosebumbs and one will definately fall in love with the song. A romantic number of Jindua has been sung by Prabh Gill and Shipra Goyal.

Songs and music ofthe movie Jindua will really touch your heart and all the credit for the music goes to the music director ofJindua Jaidev Kumar who has gather the music under the label of Speed Records and delivered it in the best way. Enjoy some more great songs of Jindua on 17th March in theatres near you. Get ready for a musical treat.

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