Dulla Vailly Trailer : Movie Dulla Vailly will feature Yograj Singh and Guggu Gill in action once again

By Punjabi Pollywood Team | December 22, 2018

Year 2019 is packed with so many Punjabi movies having a lot of variety. In that row, a trailer of new Punjabi movie Dulla Vailly is shared on YouTube. This upcoming Punjabi movie of 2019 will present two legendary actors of Punjabi cinema Yograj Singh and Guggu Gill opposite to each other. As per the trailer, Yograj Singh has been cast as Magahar in an antagonist character, while Guggu Gill will be Dulla a kind-hearted brave man of the village. Along with them, the movie has Sarbjit Cheema, Gugni Gill, Mohammad Sadiq, Neet Mahal, Aakansha Sareen, Avtar Gill, Nitu Panther, Herry Sachdeva, Dhanwant Jikkha, Manu Gill, and Sunny Dhanoya in its star cast, though it will introduce a new young male face Gurvar Cheema to Pollywood.

The trailer shows that the movie Dulla Vailly will be about the war of family’s pride and egos in which Guggu Gill and Yograj Singh don’t like each other. Sarabjeet Cheema is the son of Guggu Gill who falls in love with a girl, but his family is not ready to accept her. Because of this, Sarabjeet Cheema has to leave his home and take a flight to a foreign land, and Gurvar Cheema is the brother of Sarabjeet Cheema in the movie. In this complex situation, the movie takes a turn into a rat race of proving the family’s ego and winning at any cost. Hence, relations got affected and people have to face sad situations.

In this condition how the leading character Dulla will manage his family and how will he beat his enemy Maghar, this all will be known only after 4th of January of 2019, when the movie will be released. Malkit Buttar and Khushboo Sharma have done the writing while Devi Sharma has directed it. We the team of Punjabi Polywood wish good luck to the movie Dulla Vailly.

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