First Robinhood of Punjab : Dulla Bhatti

Sunder mundriye ho, Tera kaun vicharaa ho..
Dullah Bhatti wala ho, Dullhe di dhee vyayee ho..
Dulla Bhatti is an upcoming Punjabi movie with direction by Minar Malhotra and starring Binnu Dhillon , Sardar Sohi , BN Sharma, Aman Hundal, Amar Noorie, Dev Kharoud, Nirmal Rishi & Malkit Rauni. The released date is June 10, 2016. Movie is inspired by story of Dulla Bhatti.

Dulla Bhatti, Robinhood of Punjab who took from rich and gave to poor. A social hero who was against all the bad deeds and disrespect of females. A hero for many. His doings and being a fighter against bad people is now going to be presented on Punjabi Movie Screens.

The story is by Minar Malhotra and Produced by Mani Dhaliwal, Naman Gupta, Amitansh & Shakti Manchanda under the Banner of Dara Films Entertainment, Aarna Motion Pictures, Namo Films Entertainment & 1 To 1 Silver Screen Movies and music by Laddi Gill.

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