Movie Review: Dangar Doctor Jelly impresses audience with its comedy

By Harpreet Singh | October 20, 2017

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The new Punjabi movie Dangar Doctor Jelly has finally hit theaters. Ravinder Grewal is back after such a long time with this full comedy with movie Dangar Doctor Jelly. The movie Dangar Doctor Jelly is directed by Atharv Baluja and this jodi has always given the best of performances. Movie dangar Doctor Jelly is produced by Ohri productions , Shivoham Media and Anil Arora. The movie stars Ravinder Grewal, Sara Gurpal, Geet Gambhir, Karamjit Anmol, BN Sharma and Sadar Sohi. Well as the title of the movie comes across for sure the movie is full packed comedy. The movie is released around the festive corner and given the people the best way to celebrate. The review of the movie Dangar Doctor Jelly is coming full thumbs up. So let us go through full movie review of Dangar Doctor Jelly.

Plot of the movie

Well the basic plot of the movie revolves around the Ravinder Grewal who is veterinary doctor but without any authorized degree. Another twist comes where in laws of Ravinder Grewal don’t like his being animal doctor and Sardaar too which makes for some funny scene in the movie Dangar Doctor Jelly. Then twisting of the movie continues when Sara Gurpal who is the sister of Ravinder Grewal wife (Geet Gambhir ) falls in love with Ravinder Grewal. So how the story continues after that ? Will she confess her love to Ravinder Grewal ? Whether their love story will reach anywhere ? All these answers will be unfold when you will go and watch the movie Dangar Doctor Jelly.


Whats new in the Dangar Doctor Jelly ?

The famous jodi Ravinder Grewal and Atharv Baluja has always come up with something new and different with their movies. We always have this imagination especially kids that what if the animals talk ? So Atharv Baluja has made it done in the movie through VFX effects which is the very first time in Pujabi industry. Then everyone favorite Sara Gurpal will be seen in a very major role in the movie. This is the first time Sara Gurpal will be seen playing such a lead in any movie. So the pair Ravinder Grewal and Sara Gurpal comes out to be very fresh.

Reasons to watch Dangar Doctor Jelly

Not one , there are many reasons to watch Dangar Doctor Jelly. If you are an animal lover then the movie is totally up for you. As the movie is released around the festive season then for sure this is the best way to celebrate. So go along with your family and kids and celebrate this weekend festival. The movie Dangar Doctor Jelly for sure will not disappoint comedy fans but if you don’t like animals and you are action fan then the movie Dangar Doctor Jelly will not be much worthy to you. As no doubt the movie comes out to be full entertainment dose but one thing where the movie lacks is Action.

Still the movie is going rounds in the theaters. So the box office collection of the movie Dangar Doctor Jelly will come up after the weekend.

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