B Praak trolled for auto-tune famous Jagjit Singh’s Ghazal

By Sonia Khanna | June 10, 2020

Singer B Praak is riding high on success ever since his popular song ‘Teri Mitti’ touched the hearts. His powerful voice has been adored and followed by many. But as they say, when success gets on the head, individuals tend to commit mistakes!

Lately, the singer fell prey to memers and trollers for all the wrong reasons. B Praak released a video of famous gazal maestro Jagjit Singh titled Koi Fariyad. He tried to recreate the magic in an unplugged version, but it happened the other way around.

The viewers took no time to penned their comments showing unacceptance and ire. They blamed him to spoil the true essence of the song by exploiting auto-tune. People further mocked him on always crooning high and loud for all genres of songs without realizing the real sense. And few asked for an apology for ruining the legendary song!

Well, thousands of negative reviews have already been written beneath his YouTube video account. It will be interesting to see how B Praak responds or reacts to it. After all, at the end of any entertainment presentation what matters is the public review!!!





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