A message From Babbu Maan

Babbu mann is very famous across the globe among punjabi community. He always tried too give something unique in the forms of punjabi movies and Punjabi songs. Recent;y he updated one status on facebook where he wrote a message to fans “That please don’t vote for me among best singers”. Few months back during music awards at international level he appealed in public to vote for him because that time he wants to promote his mother tongue punjabi at internationally.

babbu maan message

babbu maan message

He also quote that nowadays several new thing come into action on social media sites that who is the best singer? and comparison in pictures between two singers depict where he felt sorry and said that “please dont include in that list”. Babbu maan is one of the singer who love music and sing only for entertainment so that will forget all borrows and sorrows of life. he also mentioned that if he will get a chance to participate in international contests then he he can subit his name but mann clearly said that do not include him in best singer categories.

if the competition will between Galib and Hollywood singers then he will definetly be a part of it only to promote his mother tongue not for monetary benefits. On the other side, Babbu mann agree that only Mohammed Raffi, Latta Manageshkar, kishore kumar, jageet singh are the name of the best singers. This message shows and clarify for the one who started singing only for getting bucks not for there hobby.

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