15 Lakh Kadon Aauga Trailer : A political satire focusing on people’s hunger for power

By Punjabi Pollywood Team | April 19, 2019

Ravinder Grewal is featuring as a lead role in the movie 15 Lakh Kadon Aauga with co star Pooja Verma. Trailer of the movie 15 Lakh Kadon Aauga has been released officially on YouTube. It Ironically depicts the political power to brainwash the minds of their voters just to win the elections.

Ravinder Grewal is playing role of Jaswinder in the movie who struggles every tactics and means to earn a livelihood. He is also seen playing false as a saint for sake of power and money. Situational comedy added with a reality check the movie is a hilarious take on the political promises. To give a more entertaining side the co stars Hobby Dhaliwal, Malkeet Rauni and Gurpreet Bhangu are supports to this comedy flick.

The whole movie ’15 Lakh Kadon Aauga’ is revolving around the political satire where common man is seen in a great hope of receiving 15 lakhs promised in behalf of vote . Young producer Rrupaali Gupta is all set to bring forth a harsh reality but in a entertaining way. Direction by Manpreet Brar and penned by a sensational fame Surmeet Maavi the movie is to release on 10th May presented by Friday Rush Motion Pictures.

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