Yograj Singh hit hard Harish Verma with Slippers & here’s the reason why?

Harish Verma, who has been a well-known Punjabi actor, has been hit hard with slippers by another actor of Punjabi cinema Yograj Singh. Although Yograj Singh has always in news for his actions and this time he has hit Harish Verma with his footwear. You must be thinking that why Yograj Singh has been angry with Harish Verma? Wait wait, we will tell you the same.

The scene is that, in the upcoming Punjabi movie titled as Thug life, Yograj Singh is playing the role of Harish Verma’s father. And in the trailer of the Punjabi movie Thug Life, Yograj Singh has been shown getting angry on Harish Verma because as a father he wants his son to listen him. But when Harish Verma refuse to do what Yograj Singh is saying then he gets angry and beat him hard.

Trailer of the movie Thug Life is very much interesting and full of mixed emotions. It will be great to see how Harish Verma tackle the situation and make Yograj Singh a proud father in the movie. Get ready for Thug Life starring Harish Verma, Jass Bajwa, Rajiv Thakur, Yograj Singh and many other talented actors of the Punjabi industry on 21st July 2017.