Why “Kawela” is a worth watching movie

After watching the trailer of the movie “KAWELA” all are compelled to think about the core part of the movie, viewers are excited and are eagerly waiting to watch the movie. The movie Kawela written and directed by Amanjit Singh Brar as per the trailer hinges upon a small village of Punjab named Fogistan where in at dusk the evil spirits comes and the movie goes with the suspense of what is the hidden meaning behind the movie? Why are the evil spirits revolving around? etc


The thing is one should watch the movie out of suspense or there are other things as well that can compel one to watch the movie. The points below will describe why “Kawela” is a worth pondering movie.

The music, sound and the cinematography all are well moulded together in the movie Kawela giving it a Hollywood touch. The songs that are penned by Surjit Pattar and take from Bulleh shah well describes the story of the movie.

Kawela is the first movie in the history of Punjabi cinema that is being directed so well with the story being unique as well as having a very different concept which you can watch in cinemas.

As per the trailer of the movie Kawela it seems that the movie is based on the superstitions as our ancestors used to say about the evil spirits as well as on the crimes that are continuously increasing. Even, we can also see the police, the characters being played by Harp Farmer, Mahabir Bhullar and Baljit Mathaoun, that are seen working on scandals of late evening (Kawela).

The story of the movie revolves around total suspense and hidden meaning that will be revealed with the release of the movie Kawela on 21st April 2017. SO, Hurry up and book your tickets asap..