Simran Kaur Mundi registered a compaint against Kapil Sharma!

As you all know that Kapil Sharma is coming up with a new movie where he married with 3 young and hot women’s. And now we are going to share the views of his 1st wife Simran Kaur Mundi from a movie who completely enjoyed working with Kapil on sets. Both are Punjabi’s and loved taking in own language. She played a role of a girl from Punjab who married with Kapil in a film.

Simran Kaur Mundi and Kapil Sharma

According to her, working with Kapil is never so easy as he has got a good sense of humor and I complain him again and again when he teased me 😛 with jokes.Overall, Movie is ready to rock on silver screens please get your family and friends in your nearest cinema to watch a movie