Punjab 2016 – A tribute for the sake of friendship

Punjab 2016 is a movie that is reflecting the real scenario of Punjab in current time. Apart from the issue of Punjab, it is also showcasing the bond of friendship. Though the movie revolves and showcase the life of drug addictors in Punjab, but the thought of the story came from a real life incident faced by the actors of the film.


The film features the students and team members of theater called as Red Arts team. The team has lost one of its team member and a good friend due to drugs. And all of them has such a deep impact of losing a friend that they decide to aware the youth of Punjab regarding the ill effect of drugs. With this mission they started playing ‘Nukkad Natak’ in various colleges of Punjab. And taking forward the mission now they are coming up with a movie ‘Punjab 2016’ that is going to be released on 25th November 2016. So people do watch the movie for the sake of friendship and say no to drugs.