Naman Hanjra – The Soothing Voice Behind Beautiful Face


God has gifted all of us with some of the exceptional features. One of that gifted feature is ‘voice’. Some voices in this earth are so soothing that you really can’t afford to miss it and you always feel to listen to that one voice ever and ever. Such of one voice in our Pollywood cinema is Naman Hanjra, who has lent her voice for many of the pollywood actresses. As a dubbing artist, Naman has given her voice in the movie ‘Bambukat’ for the character of Sammi (Pakko’s sister). She has also lent her voice for the main lead of the film ‘Main teri tu mera’. Voice is the strength of Naman that god has blessed her with.


Naman is all set to transform her image from a dubbing artist to a singer in the upcoming year. In 2017 Naman is suppose to to debut her singing career with the movie ‘Ishqaa’. She will voice the song of Hardy Sandhu in the female version. ‘Ishqaa’ is going to be produced by Nav Bajwa, as his debut production in 2017.

Rumours says that Nav and Naman are in love but they both have not opened up their relationship yet. As Naman is debuting her singing career with Nav Bajwa’s production, we can say that ‘dal me kuch kala hai’. Lets see after this whether they open up their relationship or not. But till then we can wish them both ‘all the best’ for their upcoming projects.