Must read! What Babbu Mann commented on AAP Party ?

Babbu Maan
Babbu Maan

Few days back our well known superstar Babbu mann organized an event of kabbadi cup where he specially appeared to appreciate players and youth. In between the match Babbu Mann spoke about newly won party ‘AAP’ where he gave message to the party that Why any Sikh leader should be minister in the party? Although Sikh community contributed a lot towards AAP Success. However, Whenever party needed us we stood for them even the leaders who are popular and have space in the hearts of public were elected during elections but later Party forgets to give them big positions.

Before Babbu mann raised voice for the Party and supported in tons so that party win the elections but now babbu mann seems to be sad from the party. On the other hand according to public and supporters he is thousand percent right. We hope babbu mann will make song to aware public about the issue. Please comment your thoughts about AAP Party and on Babbu Maan opinion.For more updates stay tuned with us