Kaum De Heere 2 will be barred before releasing? Why Censor board always unfair towards Punjabi movies based on Sikh warriors?

Kaum de heere 2

There are lots of questions in the mind’s of people who love to watch every type of Punjabi movies but failed sometimes due to a partial behavior of government and censor board. Most of the times when filmmakers produced movies based on Sikh warriors got banned. Why so? Fans, Producers, Directors and tons of people sitting outside India raising the same question every time but no one respond never.

Likewise, controversial Punjabi movie Kaum De Heere barred before releasing in India but film been achieved a huge response in overseas where people appreciated the efforts done in the movie. Recently, censor board sent notice to upcoming movie Kaum De Heere 2- Urf Peter Singh for changing the name or title of the movie. It’s been cleared that board does not agree even with the name of the movie and after the changes officials will issue the certificate. Earlier the movie was set to release on 9th of October, but now it might take time and expected to release in the first week of November.