‘Kaptaan’ Review : Gippy’s Black Coat Avatar entertained the Audience

Punjabi movie “Kaptaan” released on Friday, it’s a Punjabi action/courtroom drama film directed by Mandeep Kumar, starring Gippy Grewal, Monica Gill, Karishma Kotak and Pankaj Dheer. Movie “Kaptaan” received so much good response from the people who watched the movie. Hopefully the movie “Kaptaan” going to collect good word of mouth from the people who watching it and that’s going to be a positive sign for the makers.

Movie Kaptaan is all about an advocate, who try to win the case against few other people and between all of this you can be the witness of good Punjabi action and dialogues. This movie presenting a quality courtroom drama, so if you love this type of movie than it’s a must watch for you.

Direction is very good and you will enjoy that a lot in the movie. Editor of the movie “Kaptaan” did a appreciable job and also I think scripting as well. Presentation is quite simple but good. Although, movie Kaptaan failed in entertaining the audience with music being so average. Story is bit long or we can say movie seems slow as the “Masala” is missing from the movie, generally expected from any Punjabi movie.

After so many experiences one being of direction as well, Gippy looks so comfortable in the movie. Also, he has the attitude of a advocate perfectly; while Monica was looking little bit shy or we can say some problem with Punjabi language or look. But if we are not going to clap for a very experienced, Pankaj Dheer playing a gray character opposite to Gippy.

Overall, Movie is good so if you are planning to watch this movie you can watch it for sure, because it’s about a complete apart from lacking in few things.

PunjabiPollywood.com rate it as 3.5/5

Credit – Ujwal Jalali