Kacche Dhaagey is all about love, reborn and revenge


The story of Kacche Dhaagey is all about love,honor killing, and revenge. The movie begins with Yograj Singh and his father killing their daughter Shreyaa Chawla and her lover Deep Mandian for the sake of honour of the family. After many years history repeats itself and both lover meet again. But will they have to face same consequences again or love will reunite this time. This takes the movie ahead.

In terms of acting Deep Mandian and Shreyaa Chawla who debuted their acting career with Kacche Dhaagey has really worked hard and put their best foot forward each time on the screen. Apart from both the lead actors, Yograj Singh puts in a sincere effort and his mere screen presence makes the proceeding interesting. He did full justice to his character in the film.


Director Buta Singh, who has also written the screenplay and story of Kacche Dhaagey leaves the audience wanting for more. Though sadly honor killing exist in Punjab today also, the story has so many ad on that it makes a sour mocktail for the audience.

Though their are number of movies in Bollywood that has shown honor killing, reborn and love on silver screen. But Kacche Dhaagey is a mixture of many 1980’s movies which depicts the generation wise revenge saga on the screen. One can also watch this movie to see the powerful performance of Yograj Singh, who roar like a lion in a bloodshed jungle.