Judge Singh L.L.B. is a legal battle between truth and false


Judge Singh L.L.B. !!! Oh Oh! Don’t get confused. It’s the name of a forthcoming pollywood movie the release date of which is 04th December, 2015. In this movie, famous actor and singer Ravinder Grewal is playing the lead role of an advocate namely Judge Singh L.L.B. who belongs to a middle class family. This is a comedy film with thriller and mystery therein. It’s a story of a raw handed fresher advocate who gets a complicated murder case in which a well-known and successful advocate is pleading on the other side. Fortunately, Judge Singh L.L.B. is defends a young and poor boy who is innocent and facing the curse of false allegations of a murder, actually committed by some other prominent personality or the area.

This film reveals a bitter picture of the defective system in which powerful personalities try to get rid of controversies of their sins by putting the allegations on the innocents. Produced and directed by Atharv Baluja and co produced by Sumeet Singh and Ravinder Grewal, the movie Judge Singh L.L.B. contains reality, action, thriller, mystery, love, emotion and above all comedy.

In case a question is arising in your mind that how an un experienced advocate beats the strongest advocate of the state, then, my one and only answer to your query is:

“Ais Gall Daa Saade Case Naal Koee Sambandh Naheen. That’s It.”

Nannu Neel (Sangrur)