“Fees – A Hindi Short Film” Full Video Out Now !

Aggarwal films has released its hindi short film FEES on all online platforms. This movie can be watched on whatsapp as well. This was what the Director of FEES Harman Aggarwal told “our idea was to make such short film which has many social issues and can be watched on mobile apps like whatsapp too”

Now this film is out for public. This film is getting a lot of appreciation. after releasing on Facebook the viewer counting is reached around 1400 in just 2 days, and its still on. Aggarwal Films trying to make it reachable in all possible way so maximum people can watch it for free.

Aggarwal added “Changes in society can not be made with just one 8 minutes short film (as Rome was not build in one day), but at least this way we are making an effort to do what is needed. Many people called us and appreciated for our efforts”.

The artists of this film were struggling artist, who got their new face recognition and they are very excited from the success of FEES.

Movie info
Directed By -Harman Aggarwal
Produced By – Ravinder Singh Brar
Story By – Bhupinder Jaitu
Music By – Rox.A