Demonetisation and Election become snag of Punjabi Cinema


Whole India is facing the problem after the anouncement of demonetisation on 500 and 1000 notes. The deep effect of demonetisation can also be seen in punjabi cinema industry. Due to demonetisation, many punjabi movies releasing dates have been postponed from December to January. The first movie, Motor Mitran Di was suppose to get release on 2 Dec, but now the date of its release has been shifted to last week of December. Whereas, Sardar Saab was getting released on 16 December earlier, but now it is rescheduled on 6 January 2017.

Even, Priyanka Chopra’s production movie Sarvann is also facing the same issue, and they have also postponed the releasing date from last of dec to 13 January 2017. So, now Sarvann will be released on the occasion of ‘Lohri’. Though Punjab is having elections in 2017 starting, so it is not sure that also these movies will get good business or not. It seems hard times are their in Punjabi Film Industry.