Censor board gives thumbs up to ‘The Journey of Punjab 2016’

the journey of punjab 2016

The movie Punjab 2016 that is going to picturise the actual issue that is faced by the people of punjab has been approves by the censor board of film certification. After the approval of the board, Punjab 2016 is set to release in theatres on 25th Nov. ‘Punjab 2016’ reflects the drug issue faced by the youngster of Punjab and will showcase the ill-effect of the same.

We cam say that, it is a true story because ‘Punjab 2016’ actors have seen their own group member losing his life due to drugs. Film will feature the students and team members of theatre named as Red Arts Team. The film has been produced bt Dr Surjeet Singh.

Principal of BKS College located in Muhar. It has been directed bt Balraj Sagar and Inderjit Moga. whereas the story of ‘Punjab 2016′ has been pen down by Deep Jagdeep.’Punjab 2016’ will be reloaded on 25 Nov 2016 and advance booking for the tickets have been started. What are you waiting for? Just book yout tickets to see the reality of Punjab.