Be ready for the craziness with a blend of family love on screen with Krazzy Tabbar


Krazzy Tabbar Punjabi movie is full of crazy people on screen. Being a family movie, Krazzy Tabbar also showcases a great bond of love between the family members. As a family shares all the happiness and sorrows together, family of Punjbai movie Krazzy Tabbar also shares the same. But the story takes a turn when the boy falls in love with a girl of other caste. Krazzy Tabbar showcases all the mysterious things a family does during this situation to make their son understand the same.

Jaswinder Bhalla will be seen in the role of a policeman but side by side he also uses to act as match maker. As Bhalla saab is known for his comedy punch-liner in all of his Punjabi movie. Let’s see which dialogue of him from Krazzy Tabbar, be in our mind for long time. Even Yograj Singh and B N Sharma will also play a crazy role in the upcoming Punjabi movie Krazzy Tabbar. This craziness in the movie will make you laugh out loud in the theatres.


Harish Verma, Priyanka Mehta, Yograj Singh, Jaswinder Bhalla, B N Sharma starrer Krazzy Tabbar is all set to hit theatres on this Friday and will make your weekend filled with fun. Be ready to spend your weekend with Krazzy Tabbar in theatres near you. Releasing on 7th June 2017, Krazzy Tabbar has been directed by Ajay Chandhok, produced by Naveen Tak and written by Manduip Singh.