5 Reason you don’t miss to watch The Mastermind Jinda Sukha

The Mastermind Jinda Sukha

Based on True Story – The mastermind Jinda Sukha story is true and based on real incidents happened with two young souls Harjinder singh Jinda and Sukhdev singh sukha.Both of them wrote one book following their own life and according to that book movie will be pictured in cinema. The filmmakers captured scenes of the movie at Jinda’s village and home.

Professional Cast – Starcast of the film deserve 100 out of 100 marks because almost every artist in the movie is professional and experienced. Nav Bajwa, Sonpreet Jawanda, Isha Sharma, Guug gill, Sunita Dhir, Amritpal Singh Billa played serious and real role in the movie. Nav Bajwa and Sonpreet Jawanda did follow the habits and life of Jinda Sukha to be fit in the character by reading books and with the guidance of Jinda ji sister.

Mastermind Planning – The base of the movie is story and suspense which will encouraged you to watch the movie. The master planning of jinda and sukha where biggest robbery in India ever without the loss of public lives will be pictured. We are damn sure that you might not watch this type of planning even in Bollywood movies.

Music According to Story – Music is perfectly according to the situations and scenes in the movie. Anthem song is full of energy and sung by Ranjit Bawa and Lemebher Hussainpuri. Nacchattar Gill, Kamal Khan, KS Makhan and Kaler Kanth recorded other songs in the film.

Join hand together and watch for charity – After getting profit from the movie 50% of earning will be donated for the village and for hiring teachers to give them teaching of Gurbani and organic farming.