5 Interesting things you need to know about Sardar Saab

Every movie has some uniqueness in it , but very few movies have a blend of uniqueness and extraordinary thing that makes audience crazy to watch it. One of such movie is upcoming punjabi film ‘Sardar Saab’. We bring to you 5 reasons that makes ‘Sardar Saab’ a must watch movie.


1. Jackie dada factor

The ‘Dada’ of Bollywood is coming back after 15 years of break. And he is coming with a bang. After 15 years Jackie Shroff will be back in the lead role in ‘Sardar Saab’. To live upto his character in the movie, he has also grown his beard.

2. Singer turn Producer ‘Mika Singh’

Superhit Bollywood singer ‘Mika Singh’ has turned to producer and ‘Sardar Saab‘ becomes his first film as a producer. Yes people our very own Mika paji has produced the movie ‘Sardar Saab’ for the very first time.

3. Shooting locations (Never seen before)

It has been shot in many of the National as well as International locations that are never seen before in any of the Punjabi movies. Some shots have been shot inside the Delhi International Airport. Before none of the Punjabi movies have been shot inside any Domestic or International Airport.

4. Huge budget movie

Mostly Punjabi movies are considered to be a very low budgeted movie. Only few movies in Punjabi cinema have been produced with high budget. ‘Sardar Saab’ movie is one more ad on to the club of high budget movie of Punjabi industry.


5. Its an action jackson movie

As a part of high budget, the action in the film have been taken care off. Action scenes have been directed by the famous Bollywood action director Jawed Aziz, who has worked in Bollywood movies like Wazir, Baaghi and lot more.

Apart from these 5 we have 1 more reason to make you crazy about the movie. This movie is not only releasing in Punjab, but in the same time it will be releasing in those parts of India where none of the Punjabi movies have been released. ‘Sardar Saab’ has been releasing in the cities like Goa, Chennai, Kolkata and many other. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and book your tickets for experiencing an amazing tour of ‘Sardar Saab’.