2017 upcoming punjabi movies: Surprises awaits from Nav Bajwa

Don’t wait for luck, dedicate yourself and you can find yourself standing in the hall of fame”, Navjot Singh Bajwa has really lived up to the phrase and become the talking sensation of Pollywood since 2007. Didn’t got, who is he? He is none other than the multi- talented ‘Nav Bajwa’. Mr.Bajwa became an overnight star by winning the dance show ‘Aja Nach Le’ on aired by Mh1 in 2007. He started his journey with a dance show, then he moved on and worked in many musical videos. Further he keep going on, that take him to his debut film ‘Pure Punjabi’ in 2012. Followed by many other Punjabi movies like Fateh, Sadi gali aya karo, The mastermind jinda sukha and most recently ‘Kuknoos’, which was suppose to be his greatest one. Last year he has also hosted the Mr.Punjab 2015 in PTC.


And now its high time, when Mr.Bajwa is all set to hit new records in 2017. Upcoming year will showcase Nav Bajwa in a new avatar, that you hav never seen before.Dancer turned singer, Nav Bajwa is now to play a new innings as a producer and his first movie ‘Ishqaa’ will be releasing in 2017. Along with Ishqaa, Nav will also be featured in two other pollywood movie named ‘Kirdar-e-sardar’ and ‘Punjabi by nature’.

The character of Nav Bajwa is yet to get revealed in these two movies. Adding on to the list of 2017, Nav Bajwa will also host the another season of Mr.Punjab 2016. Even it is also expected that he must be featured in some of the Bollywood songs in the upcoming year. Seems their are a lot more to come for the fans of Mr.Bajwa in 2017. We wish him a huge success in the upcoming years.