Why Zarine Khan was not present in JJB success party??

By Harpreet Singh | May 2, 2014

Zarine Khan Not Attend JJB Sucess Party

The Success Party of Jatt James Bond has organised on 29th april,But the Lead actress of this movie,who contribute her huge part for this movie Zarine Khan was not present at the Party.The Reason of it was her illness. Zarine Khan has a cute food poisioning. She was not able to attend the party.Recently Zarine promoted her Movie at punjab and her health was Good here. After it She reached Mumbai for complete her upcoming projects . She ate the food of Mumbai and after eating it she felt uhealthy. Zarine Khan has been admitted to Lilavati Hospital in Bandra. From one week She has been under observation and in care of specialists. Doctors Advised her to take Complete Rest . She is not allowed to visit anywhere for her good health.Now we can only wish for her and tell her -Zarine !!!Get well soooon..That is why she was not in the party.But Everybody Missed her in party and give her good wishes.

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