Youngsters Heartbeat Priyanka Chopra announces to make Punjabi movie EK Onkar

Priyanka Chopra who recently won People Choice awards 2016 held in America and has become the first Indian after winning PCA. Priyanka Chopra during press conference announces to make films in Punjabi, Marathi, and Bhojpuri which is going to help many directors and young faces of regional cinema’s who are aiming to become a star faces of a film industry. Priyanka and team excited to invest in regional cinema & lately decided to make a Punjabi movie Ek Onkar written by talented Amardeep Singh and directed by Karan Guliani.

Priyanka Chopra to produce Punjabi Movie Ek onkar

The story of a film is based on NRI Punjabi which will lead by an actor from Punjab and expected to release during Guru Nanak Ji Gurupurab this year. Earlier Mahesh Bhatt had also shown interest to make movies in Pollywood cinema. Well! Our Punjabi industry really needs good directors, actors, and producers from Bollywood to make alive the sweetness of Punjabi’s seating across the world. 

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