See! Punjabi film Nanak Shah Fakir again under controversy!

After getting banned in Punjab film Nanak Shah Fakir caught one more controversy which is actually among Sartaj Singh Pannu the director and producer of the movie Harinder Singh Sikka. The protest has been staged in Delhi by Tom alter an actor in the movie who clearly mentioned on banner in his hand that producer( Harinder Singh Sikka.) has dream to make movie in the holy name of Guru Nanak Dev ji, but Nanak Shah Fakir movie is directed by Sartaj Singh Pannu.

Nanak Shah Fakir Movie Again Under Controversy!
Nanak Shah Fakir Movie Again Under Controversy!

Whereas on the other hand, Pannu logged a file against the producer to take his credit back. This controversy clearly stated that somehow movie makers used the name of the god for making money. But We hope the controversy will slow down soon and Guru Nanak ji teachings and the messages to human will spread all around the world without any fail.