Laavaan Phere to Have Next Level of Comedy With Karamjit Anmol


His comedy skill has made you laugh with his amazing performances. He has supported many lead actors in the movies like Channa Mereye, Nikka Zaildaar etc. His movie list has no end. We are talking about Karamjiit Anmol- the brand ambassador of Comedy was born and bought up in Punjab and the way he speaks Punjabi or punches the one-liner makes him unique in every way. He has even worked in famous comedy plays such as Just Laugh Baaki Maaf and Naughty Baba in town.


Karamjit Anmol started with the roles of a villain and now he is playing roles of completely different genres. People say that comedy is easy or it is easy to make people laugh but this is not the truth. To make people cry over the screen and being emotional is easy whereas to forget our personal moods and still putting smiles on people face is a really tough job.

Karamjit Anmol has a tendency to completely take the role within and play the part. While watching him on screen playing different characters one really forgets that he is actually Karamjit Anmol playing the part. He is so good at analysing the character.

Well list doesn’t end here Karamjit Anmol has even given his voice to the song Ja Vi Na from the movie Manjhe Bistre, this gives a proof that he is the versatile man who has tried his hand on almost everything.“Manjhe Bistre” his last movie was loved by the audience. The character he played was loved by everyone.

This time for a change Karamjit Anmol is playing the main role of a Jeeja (Brother in law) in his upcoming movie Laavaan Phere. Well let me correct here not the Jeeja but he is playing the role of fussy Jeeja. Again his versatility can be seen here as he is even producing the movie Laavaan Phere. Be ready for the fun again as the movie Laavaan Phere is going to release on 16 February 2018.



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