Battle of Saragarhi song 21 Singh went Viral


The 21 Singh song is ranking as top among people playlist even after a week of its release. The song is sung by prabh joban and the views have already crossed thousands. The effects used in the 21 Singh song are amazing and hard work of Open hand media is visible. The song is about the battle of Saragarhi and such meaningfull lyrics are given by Preet Sivia. Among the times of party themed songs this song comes out to be little unique.

The amazing music of the new song 21 Singh is to the credit of Archit Milliontrix. The song comes up under the label of Infra Records.The song is sung with the full strong voice and the singer Prabh Joban has given his 100 percent which is seen automatically. After listening to the song one really gets back to the time and eyes are left little teary.

The song 21 Singh is already going viral and people are humming tunes. This is after so long one gets to listen such a devotional song which is important to take the punjabi culture to each heart.